Considerations that will make your Lasik urgery successful

Choosing to have your eyesight corrected should be easy once you go through the benefits of Lasik surgery, a modern form of vision correction successfully performed on more than two million people. You can say goodbye to glasses. You may also get better vision than you expect after the surgery given that its corrective features work in tandem with the normal biological process and restore eye to normal despite years of the abnormality. Furthermore, the costs of the surgery are now within the affordable range, and anyone with enough commitment to the process can have it done as soon as possible. The following are additional considerations worth going through before signing your consent for the eye surgery.


Prepare Psychologically

It is good practice for doctors to prepare their patient before surgery, and to go over the process more than once for the patient or the guardians if it is a child to accept with full knowledge of what they are accepting. It can also be useful for the patient to understand more than the procedure and get ready psychologically preparing the mind to accept the process and to accept other people to temporary take responsibility of the health of your eye. Learning about their expertise and reading about success stories would be a perfect way for psychological preparation.


Confirm the Necessity of the Procedure

In some cases, you may not be in a hurry to go for the surgery and can, therefore, plan the best time when you are out of work or school, and you have fewer responsibilities. If the operation is very urgent according to your doctor, then you will have to postpone most of your commitments and focus more on the recovery period needed after the procedure. In addition to the emotional expectation, you should be using the doctor’s report and recommendation about the surgery to plan your affairs so as not to interfere with your recovery process.


Engage your Insurer Early

Most cases applying to insurance cover require consent about specialized procedures to avoid failed claims and a need to pay for the surgery out of pocket. If you have an out of pocket deal based on particular cost packages with your insurance company, then you might find it cheaper to agree with the hospital to focus on the necessary procedure and reduce extra care options so that your copayments remain low. An alternative would be increasing your premiums and taking an appropriate cover then waiting for the enforcement period to kick in before opting for the refractive correction eye surgery.


Go with an Experienced Hospital

After more than 2 million Lasik surgeries around the world, there is sufficient information and expertise in the health sector, and you should be considering hospitals and staff with sufficient experience on the matter. You can tell by the profiles of the surgeons and the number of successful cases of the same procedure that the hospital claims to accomplish. You may also do your private research by looking for referrals and reviews about the hospital to get more information regarding its suitability to handle your surgery.…

pigeons feeding

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

One of the most popular birds that have lived with man is the pigeon. We have the domesticated pigeons and the wild ones. Just like the other birds, they pigeons feed on cereals and any green plantation. One of the reasons as to why they are a concern is because they usually live and move in groups. Pigeon Control is critical in controlling the destruction that is done by the pigeons.

They can, therefore; because massive destruction to our cereals bearing in minds that they typically move in groups. Let us look at some of the best ways of getting rid of the pigeons.


pigeons resting and flyingOne of the best ways of getting rid of the pigeons is by using a slinky. A slinky is a better alternative to the spikes. What you will be required to do is attaching the slinky on your roof or balcony.

The circles of the slinky should be placed one finger apart. You can then secure it after every eight inches. This will prevent the pigeons from perching on your roof since the slinky will keep on collapsing. This is one of the most popular ways of repelling the birds.

Water Hose

Another way that you could use to get rid of the pigeons is the water hose. The pigeons hate lots of water that is directed towards them. Look for a garden hose and direct water on the pigeons, since they hate water they will look for alternative areas to perch and not on top of your roof.

Blocking the Entrances

Blocking the entrances is another way of getting rid of the pigeons. By blocking the pigeons from accessing your house, you will prevent them from causing the damages that they are associated with. One of the approaches that you could take is ensuring that the vents and the attic are properly screened off to prevent the pigeons from accessing your home. You can also physically remove their nests so that they look for another place to build them.

Mirrors and Objects

pigeons on a rooftop Another way of getting rid of the pigeons is by using the reflective objects. Tie a reflective object along your roof, and you will not get the pigeons perching on your roof. Reflective objectives like the mirrors will repel the pigeons and other birds from sitting on your rooftop.

This will prevent the said birds from dropping their drooping on your compound and specifically your tiled roof. The video below highlights different ways of getting rid of pigeons.