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Simple Steps to Grow Your Own Cannabis

Growing plants seems like a complicated task, let alone growing weed. However, with the well-spread legalization across countries, planting cannabis in your backyard can be an alternative source to make income. Besides, if you home-grow your weed, you will have a better selection of quality leaves for your rolls.

The Six Essential Components for Cannabis

medical marijuanaBefore you start planting a strain, you have to know these six components that will affect your cannabis’ growth:

  1. Light
    Like other plants, marijuana uses light to undergo the photosynthesis process. You may use either artificial light or natural sunlight. However, not all strains can adapt to artificial light only.
  2. Water
    Your home water source may be not always adequate to grow marijuana because it may contain additive chemicals like chlorine, fluorine compounds, trihalomethanes (THMs), salt arsenic, nitrates, and pesticides. Therefore, you may need to install a water softener before you can use your tap water.
  3. Air
    Air circulation is vital to make your plants thrive. If you decide to grow weeds indoor, then you have to check if your vent is proper enough.
  4. Temperature
    Humidity is a factor that can affect your plant’s growth rate. Too hot, and the leaves will wither. Too cold, and the leaves won’t grow.
  5. Growing Medium
    There are three options for weed’s growing medium: compost soil, coco & perlite mix, and hydroponic medium. Each has their upsides and downsides.
  6. Nutrients
    You weed needs nutrients to grow leaves and branches. You can add them to the soil or the water, depending on your planting method.

Raising Clones

marijuanaEach plant has their unique traits. Some are desirable, while some others are not. And cloning can eliminate those varieties. This method ensures two individual plants to share the same attributes. And among many cannabis cloning means, using a cloning gel is the most efficient and practical one.

You need to prepare the parent plant for three to four days before you can apply the cloning gel by watering it intensely. You must use only the best cloning gels for cannabis because the cheapest ones may increase your chances to fail and even poison the parent plant. Then, you have to use a sterilized razor to make a cutting on the stem and apply the gel there. Transfer it to your growing medium once the cutting has roots.

Monitoring the Growth

Growing the cannabis indoor does not guarantee that it will be free from bugs and molds. In fact, you need to be careful with molds because indoor air tends to be high in moisture.

Therefore, you need a handy scope that you can always use to monitor your plants. We recommend 420 Science‚Äôs 420 Scope for its versatility and price. This device can give you 60 to 100 times magnification under a white bright LED light.…